WILDLIFES Artist Partnerships

Create the GYE

Art inspired Congress to create Yellowstone as the world's first national park. Today, art can be an important catalyst for saving what is the most iconic wildlife-rich region in the Lower 48 — the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. The arts help lead the evolution of culture, influencing how our worldviews develop and transform.

Our approach connects individual creative vision and guerilla artistic activism to the vitality of the GYE, to be shared with people everywhere. With their unique artistic vision and commitment to conservation, our Artist Partners help inspire people to learn more about the GYE and take action to support its longevity and future. 

Each WILDLIFES artist partnership involves an immersive experience in the Greater Yellowstone, followed by a return to the studio with fresh insight and inspiration. The artist then creates specific artworks for WILDLIFES, seeking out opportunities to spread the word about environmental stewardship in unconventional ways — with our three Icons front and center.

These partnerships not only offer artists concentrated time and firsthand inspiration in the wild backcountry of the GYE but also connections with some of the greatest thought leaders on issues of the region, wildlife, and the conditions required to retain healthy ecosystems.

WILDLIFES has big plans for our Artist Partnerships. We want to send act activists across North America to paint wall murals of inspiring visions of grizzlies, bison, wolves, and the GYE — igniting a movement that helps change the future of wild places everywhere.

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