Our Icons of the GYE

To help spread knowledge about the GYE, we chose three keystone species — animals that capture the heart and mind. While colonial beliefs and practices nearly wiped out their existence, their survival balances and maintains the integrity of the ecosystem we know as the GYE. They are critical beings for the earth, and part of what makes us whole.

Meet Our Icons

Gray wolf
Few things symbolize the call of the wild more than the sound of howling wolves. Possibly one of the most reviled animals in the world, the wolf has also been one of the least understood in terms of the role...
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North American bison
The North American Bison is a survivor. Once the most populous land mammal in the world, the bison was nearly driven to extinction. The bison of Greater Yellowstone are sacred to 27 tribes with a historical affiliation to the region....
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Grizzly bear
When you think of the grizzly, how do you feel? These magnificent and magnetic creatures represent something unique for each of us. Perhaps you’ve heard of mother grizzly 399. The most famous living bear on the planet, she happens to...
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