Thanks to the courageous, tireless efforts of multiple generations of naturalists, scientists, policymakers, land managers, artists, and ordinary citizens working to mend our heavy impact, the GYE experienced a period of critical restoration.

After several decades of rebuilding to its current condition of biological health and integrity, these wild places are facing a new time of peril. With the impacts of recent human expansion in the region and policy changes, the GYE’s wholeness could be destroyed in a matter of months. WILDLIFES was created to bring awareness to the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem through artistic endeavors and public engagement, inspiring action to protect the earth, water, air, plants, and animals. Through our work, we hope others will discover their own inspiration and find their own ways to undertake the labor of love that is restoring and protecting the health of natural ecosystems.

WILDLIFES is a project of the Artemis Institute, a 501c3 organization inspired by explorations of the relationship between culture and nature, and the reciprocity between the two.

Responding to the Call

WILDLIFES is a positive, meaningful response to the rapid deterioration of the Earth and the state of its wildlife. In this time of the Anthropocene, intact, thriving ecosystems will not be achieved without humankind’s understanding, support, and care.

Nurturing Purposeful Culture

Culture is not only what societies created in the past, but also what we create in the present and an anticipation of the future. It is here, in the present, with the hope of cultural transformation as it relates to nature, that we focus our efforts.